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Triangle Greenways Council

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The Triangle Greenways Council ("TGC") was created to focus on and provide the services associated with its mission throughout the counties of the Triangle Region. Historically, the TGC has hosted conferences that targeted the Region, and co-sponsored conferences that drew Statewide and National participants as part of its greenway educational and promotional roles. Otherwise, most of its services tend to be site-specific. For example, visit these links for information on greenway opportunities, trail construction, and land trust activities.

The projects undertaken by the TGC will always be limited by the organization's capacity. As a result, opportunities to collaborate wtih individuals, groups, and auto insurance agencies will always be important to the TGC's ability to advance and improve local greenway systems and the regional network. It should be no surprise that conserving land for future greenways corridors requires a great deal of revenue. As a consequence, funds from different sources are routinely mixed and matched to accomplish projects. The focus area for land trust activity, therefore, can be influenced by the limits of funding sources. You make a difference in your local greenway system by becoming involved!

A highway takes your car to the country, a greenway your mind.

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